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Big G Culti-Packers Deliver Maximum Productivity
  • Tear out volunteer

  • Break up clods

  • Leave field clean, level and uniformly compacted

Big G Culti-Packers tear out the volunteer, break up the clods, level the ground and leave the field clean, level and of uniform compaction to promote moisture retention and the uniform seed bed necessary for even germination of the seed.
You will find the Big G Culti-Packer will reduce the number of tillage passes necessary for a good seed bed.

Designed with size, weight, and strength,the Big G Culti-Packer can be operated at speeds up to 8 mph, so that a large acreage can be covered in a day. High strength materials, with wear resistant qualities are designed into the packer wheels to reduce wear and breakage.

As an option, the Big G Culti-Packer can be equipped with mounted seeders for planting grasses, alfalfa seed and other small seeds. Pull type seeders may also be attached to the rear of Big G Culti-Packers when equipped with optional rear hitch.

The Big G Culti-Packer is designed to be a low maintenance implement that will give you years of dependable service. Your dealer can show you the advantage of owning a Big G Culti-Packer and how the extra features apply to your specific needs.

Standard Equipment

  • Pintle type hitch

  • Heavy duty hitch Jack

  • The main frame is fabricated from 4 x 8 heavy wall structural tubing

  • Heavy duty, self-aligning triple sealed greasable radial steel ball bearings

  • 17" diameter crow-foot packer wheels

  • Extra large diameter rocker shafts with GSM nylon inserts that require no greasing

  • Hardened steel bushings in hydraulic cylinder pin holes

  • 2" cold rolled steel shafts with locking nuts at each end for easy access to bearings

  • Extra large 2 1/4" replaceable wheel spindles

  • Packer wheels roll on a large 8" pipe carried by 214 self aligning bearings on each end

  • Two rolls of Hi-clearance Danish tines with 2 3/4" shovels on 6" spacing with hydraulic depth control

  • Dual 16" 12 ply transport tiresCoulters 22" dia. Smooth 6 ga.

Optional Equipment

  • V-Cog Packer wheels

  • Clevis hitch

  • 6OLM hubs on center frame

  • Rear hitch for pull type seeder

  • Hydraulic accumulator on draw-bar for flotation control

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