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Super Duty Flexible Double Offset 5000 Series


Flexible Double Offset Discs
"World's Largest Discs"

Owners of the 5000 Series Big G Disc are able to cover 30 to 35 acres per hour with the big horsepowered tractors. It takes three minutes for the hydraulics to fold this massive 60' unit to a compact width of only 16' 6" for road transport. The unit is designed to dual as a finishing disc and a stubble disc. Frame sections are fabricated from heavy walled 4 X 8 structural steel tubing. A self-leveling action between tractor, hitch and rocker shaft sections keeps the frame level at work or in transportation. Blades are 24" or 26", spaced at 9" and 10" with heavy spools on a 2" shaft.

Gangs are staggered to prevent center ridges, and rear gang blades are tapered on the outer ends to eliminate ridges and furrows where swath cuts join. See the Big G 5000 Series in action!

Standard Equipment

  • Bar type hitch - hose carrier and hitch jack

  • Gang bearings are heavy-duty triple sealed regreaseable type

  • Wing folding hydraulic cylinders are 6 x 24 with orifice speed control

  • Two 5x8 and two 4 X 8 hydraulic cylinders for depth control

  • Hydraulic plumbing is routed to front of unit in steel pipe for easy connection to tractor hydraulics

  • Spring loaded leveling screw on hitch to absorb shock in rocky or rough soil

  • Acme thread in leveling screw is greaseable for ease in adjustment

  • Gang shafts are 2" cold rolled steel

  • Choice of highest quality blades-6 gauge, 1/4" plain and/or 1/4" notched

  • Scrapers are fully adjustable

  • Heavy-duty wheel spindles are removable

  • Ten 12.5L x 15 FI Tires and wheels

*21 = 1/4" notched blades on front gangs & 1/4" solid blades on rear gangs
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