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Flexible Double Offset 3000 Series.


The 3000 Big G Series Disc is the forerunner of the "world's largest disc," the 60 foot Big G 5000 Series. It is made of the same reliable components. This big brute of a disc has been used extensively throughout the wheat and corn belt in the more demanding applications.

It will penetrate the hard ground where competitive units ride on top. This unit comes standard with three taper blades on the outer end of rear gangs that leaves the field in a very level condition.

This unit is available in 24 foot to 40 foot wide units, with 24, 26 or 28 inch diameter blades. You can select either 2 inch round or 2 inch square gang shafts.

The unit is designed to maintain equal weight distribution across its entire width that will give even penetration of the center and outer wing sections.

Standard Equipment​

  • Pintle type hitch, hose carrier and heavy duty hitch jack

  • Main frame and wings are fabricated from 4 x 8 heavy wall structural steel tubing

  • Gang bearings are No. 211 regreaseable type

  • Units equipped with 28" diameter blades have 214 square bore bearings and 2" square shaft standard. The blades are 5/16" thick

  • Spring loaded leveling screw on hitch to absorb shock in rough or rocky soil

  • Gang shafts are 2" hi-strength cold roll with 2" nut each end of shaft

  • Fully adjustable scrapers

  • Heavy-duty removable type 8 bolt hubs and removable wheel spindles

  • Tapered blades on the outside rear gangs

  • Acme thread in leveling screw is regreaseable for ease in adjustment

  • Extra large diameter rocker shafts with GSM nylon inserts that require no greasing

  • Dual 12.5L tires and wheels on main frame, singles on wings

*-21 indicates 1/4" notched blades front gang and 1/4" plain blades rear gangs.
*-22 indicates 1/4" notched blades on both front and rear gangs

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